Recently, Mobeam has been mentioned alongside some pretty big names for how it is helping to make it simple to shop with your phone at the millions of standard scanners already used at point of sale. Last week, Jim Cramer, founder of discussed competition in the mobile payments with host Debra Borchardt. Cramer made a point to mention Mobeam as a new and promising player in the industry.

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Earlier this month, Ben duPont, a Mobeam’s lead investor, member of the board of directors and founder of yet2Ventures, appeared on Cramer’s CNBC show, Mad Money to discuss Mobeam’s technology and our new Beep’nGo app.

During the interview Cramer said, “Mobeam is changing the way we spend money. That’s what’s key. It brings us one step closer to a future where you literally use your phone for everything.”

The Beep’nGo mobile app from Mobeam lets you store all of your loyalty, membership and gift cards on your smartphone.

Be sure to download Beep’nGo for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4!