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How it Works

Collect and store barcoded content

Save coupons, loyalty cards, gift cards, and more to your mobeam-enabled phone.

Access content via mobeam

Consumers reach for their phones, not their wallets.

Scan at POS

Beam-to-redeem at any laser scanner-equipped POS.

The barcode is a modern miracle.

Think about it: a bunch of little black lines create a code that can be read in most stores around the world. But here’s the problem, barcodes don’t work on smartphones. These older laser scanners are thwarted by a phone's reflective screens, backlit displays, and polarizing filters.

So why don’t we just replace all the scanners? Problem there is the cost – the image scanners are actually cameras and cost two-to-three times more than the laser scanners we’re used to. Good luck getting every last mom and pop store to take on that kind of cost, much less a chain with 7,000 stores!

We know you’re frustrated - it’s a tough situation.

But now there’s a fix: Mobeam. Mobeam is a pre-installed technology allowing apps to display barcodes in a way that’s readable to all point-of-sale scanning devices.

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You wanna get technical? Let’s do it.

Mobeam's patented technology sends pulses of light to the sensor in POS scanners and mimics the black-and-white sequencing of a standard bar code. So, instead of reading the reflection from a printed barcode, laser scanners receive identical information from pulses of light.

And here’s the beauty of it: Mobeam works everywhere and with every type of scanner. From electronics stores to supermarkets, and everywhere in between.

Finally, mobile technology worth getting excited about. Really excited.

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