08/30/2014Beep'nGo v2.4 Released to Google Play!

What’s New in Beep’nGo v2.4:

Introducing Beep’nGo Shortcuts (beta):


• Beam with one-click from home screen shortcuts!

New “My Cards” UI:
• Same Beep’nGo convenience – better design!

Improved Retailer filtering (US & Canada):
• Enable/Disable retailer ‘Offers’ with ease.

Always Improving:
• Support for Codabar: Found on most Library Cards.
• Improved scanning for UPC-Based cards.
• Notification ability for new features, offers & more.
• Ever-changing “Offers” – Check back often!

08/09/2014Beep'nGo has been updated to v2.3. Come and get it!

We’re listening!

Filter Offers by Retailer:

Users can now filter Beep’nGo ‘Offers’ by retailer (US & Canada) – Designate the retailers you see in Beep’nGo.

Improved beaming: 

• Screen brightness automatically adjusts to increase readability by imaging scanners.

New language support: 

• Japanese (日本語)

• Swedish (Svenska)

Always Improving:

• Expired Offers: Accurately reflect user local timezone.

• Walgreens: Cards now show in both portrait & landscape mode.

• Ever-changing “Offers” – Check back often!

More to come soon – Thanks for the support.

The Beep’nGo team