Today, Mobeam officially launched its Beep’nGo mobile application on the Google Play app store for Android! With Beep’nGo, you can now keep all of your loyalty, gift and membership cards right on your smartphone and “beam” them straight to scanners at millions of stores all across the country! Beep’nGo is exclusively available on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which was unveiled today at the Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin. The core Mobeam platform for barcodes will also be activated for use by the Samsung Wallet on the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3.

Download the Beep’nGo application by clicking here.

To start using Beep’nGo, all you need to do is download the app to your Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3. Then, just select a loyalty, gift or membership card to redeem, push the “beam” button and point the smartphone screen toward any of the millions of laser scanners in use today. With Beep’nGo, you’ll never leave a loyalty card at home, or have to deal with wallets and purses overstuffed with gift cards. You can also say goodbye to those annoying membership cards on your keychain. With Beep’nGo, everything is right on your smartphone!

Mobeam’s revolutionary beaming technology, embedded in the Galaxy S4 and now the Galaxy Note 3, solves the key problem that has limited apps in the past when it comes to using any one of the estimated 165 million standard scanners around the world. Most of these scanners are unable to read barcodes presented on a smartphone screen. Mobeam solves this problem without requiring retailers to invest in new point-of-sale hardware or system upgrades. The Beep’nGo application unleashes the power of Mobeam technology that is integrated in the newest Samsung devices.

See how it works:

In March, Mobeam announced the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone as the world’s first mobile device to integrate Mobeam’s light based communications technology. VentureBeat noted, “Mobeam’s technology could be an essential piece of the mobile payments puzzle.” Mobeam continues to build momentum with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is the second device to feature Mobeam’s core technology, and the introduction of the Beep’nGo app.

Also, with mobeam technology on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, content providers and consumers can be certain that you’re not at risk for fraud, and your personal information is safe. All content delivered via mobeam is carefully managed, authenticated and verified by our software.

Both the launch of Beep’nGo, and the announcement of mobeam technology on the Galaxy Note 3 today is great news, not just for us here at mobeam, but for any customer who uses a loyalty program, gift card, or membership card. Stuffing your wallets and purses with all kinds of different cards and forgetting them at home will be a thing of the past. Which is great, because Beep’nGo won’t just help you stay organized; most importantly it will save you money at the check out line!