Completing the vision for mobile payment wallets


Mobeam Beaming Technology

Enabling technology layer which allows smartphones to communicate reliably and securely with all the world’s laser scanners

Barcodes Are Finally Readable On-Device

Over 50 million red laser scanners can now communicate with mobile consumers.

A Smarter Digital Wallet

Mobeam's technology lets users carry digital plastic loyalty, membership, tickets, vouchers and coupons and is used by leading device manufacturers.

Mobile Shopping Analytics

Retailers, CPGs & Brands can now follow their digital coupons through the entire shopping transaction.

Offer Targeting Platform

Drive in-store mobile shoppers with targeted & geo-fenced campaigns that work.

Retailers: Save On Infastructure

Optical scanners are expensive. Mobeam provides an immediate redemption solution for your red laser technology and marketing campaigns.

See Mobeam In Action

We showcase our beaming technology in our top ranking 'Shopping' app on Google Play, Beep'nGo.

Making barcodes smarter on mobile phones

Most red-laser scanners cannot read barcode coupons, tickets and loyalty cards direct from mobile device screens. With Mobeam's beaming technology, the over 50 million Point of Sale (POS) checkout station hand-held and flatbed scanners at stores around the world can now talk to devices.

We're opening an entire new mobile-marketing reconciliation and redemption channel for retailers, manufacturers, developers and consumers.

The true mobile wallet works everywhere …
with Mobeam.

  • "Vodafone is using Mobeam’s patented technology, enabling Vodafone Wallet customers using Samsung Galaxy handsets to interact with laser scanners at retail locations. Mobeam’s solution means that Samsung Galaxy users can more easily scan cards and vouchers stored in their Vodafone Wallet at point of sale."
- Vodafone Wallet Team

The leaders in In-store mobile shopping.

We’re out to change the way people shop with their smartphones. Download our top ranking Google Play ‘Shopping’ app and see why Beep’nGo is the most talked about app in checkout lines around the world. Learn more about Beep'nGo.

How It Works.

  • Mobeam's patented technology sends pulses of light to the sensor in POS scanners and mimics the black-and-white sequencing of a standard bar code. So, instead of reading the reflection from a printed barcode, laser scanners receive identical information from pulses of light.
  • We're changing the way customers shop with their mobile devices, enabling digital coupons, loyalty, membership and reward card communication directly to any POS system.

Work With Us

Harness the power of invisible barcodes

Developers: Get our Beaming SDK for Android

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Device Manufacturers

Mobeam is pre-loaded on the leading device manufacturers flagship product line (over 300 million devices) and will be shipping with additional tier 1 manufacturers soon. Join us!
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We're partnering with retailers to deliver targeted and loyatly based offers to our rapidly growing user base of over 10 million users.
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Get the Mobeam SDK. Now your app can beam barcodes to any scanner. Visit our Mobeam Developer Portal to learn more.

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